PERFUMIST provides retailers with a suite of advanced digital tools designed to empower their customers with in-depth fragrance information and to navigate the extensive array of products within their assortment.

Our comprehensive and insightful ecosystem of solutions not only assists perfume enthusiasts in discovering their ideal scents but also furnishes valuable data to industry stakeholders, enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of their consumers, the market landscape, and their competitors.

Perfume Advisor for e-shops

The widget is an e-assistant “Fragrance Finder” which guides and interacts with visitors from the home page to the shopping cart by simply entering their favourite fragrance.

It can be implemented on any e-commerce website and only requires a few lines of coding to install.


Scan & Smell for shops

The WebApp is a “Fragrance Finder” for physical shops, which allows your customers, through a QRCode, to offer them a personalised selection of fragrances that perfectly match their tastes, offering them a unique shopping experience at the same time.

Customers can access the tool either by scanning the QR code on the POSM or by using a dedicated tablet provided to the beauty advisors.


PERFUMIST’s platform offers a unique global perspective on the fragrance market, focusing on understanding consumers, market dynamics, and competitors.

Designed specifically for industry stakeholders in the perfume industry, users can access top rankings of brands, perfumes, and fragrance notes globally and by region.

Additionally, they can gain insights into consumer demographics, market penetration, and competitive comparisons.