PERFUMIST is much more than a simple App; it’s a true olfactory revolution, designed both for and by consumers.

Our mission is simple: to make your next perfume purchase both simple and enjoyable. With PERFUMIST, immerse yourself in a world where each fragrance is presented to you transparently, where you can explore new olfactory horizons, discover the composition of your favorite fragrances, and receive personalized suggestions that truly match your taste.

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Grasse, the Perfume Capital of the World

Located in the heart of Provence, Grasse is renowned as the perfume capital of the world. It’s in this iconic city that the art of perfumery came to life. Thanks to its ideal climate for cultivating raw materials and its rich history, Grasse is the birthplace of numerous iconic fragrances. It’s here, at the heart of this exceptional ecosystem, that the PERFUMIST team found its inspiration and essence.

The Visionary Behind PERFUMIST 

Frédérick Besson embodies a new generation of modern and innovative entrepreneurs in the field of perfumery. With his entrepreneurial success, he founded PERFUMIST in 2017. His experience in the perfume industry, both from the retail and brand sides, has shaped his vision for PERFUMIST.

Our CORE Values

At PERFUMIST, we place paramount importance on our values. These values guide our mission and our commitment to our users:


  • Independence: We are entirely independent of brands, representing our luxury and ensuring absolute trust and transparency.
  • Free and Ad-Free: The App is free and ad-free. Our commitment to your user experience is unwavering, meaning no unwanted ads to distract you.
  • No Influence: No brand or group can influence our ratings and recommendations.
  • Protected Data: We do not exploit or sell any user’s personal data. Your information remains strictly confidential.


  • Over 2 million downloads of the App.
  • Over 57,000 perfumes and 2,500 brands featured.
  • A 4.6/5 rating on App stores, reflecting user satisfaction.
  • Used in 42 languages, allowing our community to express themselves in their native language.
  • A community spread across over 200 countries, demonstrating PERFUMIST’s global reach.

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