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Welcome to the new generation of perfume advisor!

It’s not that simple to choose the perfect fragrance for you or your loved ones. PERFUMIST was made to help you find the perfect match in just a few clicks !

PERFUMIST is the number one mobile app designed to rank a selection of the perfumes you are most likely to favor with an ever-growing database of almost 50k perfumes from over 2000 different brands. We gather all the perfumes in the world, from extremely rare niche brands to major bestsellers.

PERFUMIST is also the largest community of perfume enthusiasts in the world! You can browse your friends profile or follow people around the world, and rate perfumes that you like.


PERFUMIST is 100% independent, cross cultural and do not belong to any brand nor retailer.

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PERFUMIST is available for free download on AppStore and Google Play Store.


The app is available in 35 languages to remain accessible to everyone.

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